Buying a first home can be a rewarding and gratifying experience, not only emotionally, but economically.


The current demand for apartments has created a rental shortage, causing the cost of renting a home or apartment to go up. Rental rates are projected to grow in the coming year, and then grow higher and higher in the following years. But when you own a home, and lock in today’s low fixed rate, your mortgage payment will stay right where it is from the beginning. So while rents will keep going up…and up…and up…the cost of owning a new home of your own will remain stable. That’s peace of mind you can count on.

Low Rates

Mortgage rates are currently at extreme lows, and now is the best time for you to lock in an affordable rate.

Home Ownership Builds Wealth

Nearly all of us pay a monthly housing payment. Some pay a landlord, others pay a mortgage company. In both cases that payment is building equity in the place where you live. The question is, whose equity are you building? Equity for you and your family, or for your landlord?

For most people, the best way to build long term household wealth is to own a home. Once you become a home owner, you are able build equity in your property when the value of your home increases. As your property builds equity, you can take advantage of those gains in equity when you sell your home, and apply towards moving into a bigger home.

Doesn’t it make sense to explore the option of owning your own new home? You may be surprised at the affordability.

Renting vs Owning


• Stability in monthly payment
• Pride of ownership
• Potential for return on investment
• Building equity in your property, not your landlord’s
• Investing in your future
• Freedom to remodel and add your personal touches



• NO stability in monthly payment
• NO pride of ownership
• NO return on your investment
• NO equity
• NO remodelling or ability to add personal touches